June 29, 2010

Home Cinema Choice reviews the HD V Box

If you don't need the recording capabilities of the V+ but still want the full Virgin Media HD experience, the new Cisco V HD box is probably the one for you. There's a full review over on Home Cinema Choice which is informative and acknowledges VM's superior on demand services ("Alongside this healthy selection of linear HD TV is by far the best VOD choice in the UK TV market"), something reviews elsewhere always seem to gloss over. I haven't got one of these V boxes myself (my secondary TV is only 22in and HD is hardly a priority on a screen that size) but judging by this review they are a good option for a bedroom or kitchen. The only negative I've heard about them to date is a limited EPG - just 24 hours rather than the 7 days of programme information on the V+. Oh, and they look somewhat odd...

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kgollop said...

I am on the VIP Pack and replaced my standard V-Box in the bedroom with the V-HD (connected to a 26" LCD). I've been very pleased with the box, much faster than the old Samsung V-Box, noticable improvement on SD over HDMI and of course access to the HD content. HD is still a big improvement even on a small screen.

With no recording function, I don't really see the problem with the 1 day EPG - though if this was connected to a DVD Recorder on your main set this could be a limitation. I'd highly recommend the box to anyone thinking about it, but would say go for a V+ for your main TV if you can. Oh, and I think the V-HD looks quite nice to be honest!