October 12, 2010

The 1Tb V+: maybe December?

I haven't been able to confirm the availability of the 1Tb V+ with anyone at Virgin - BenMcr over on Cable Forum says that it's not launching until December, which would appear to be borne out by this news item from What Satellite
Virgin’s TiVo-powered PVR will have three HD tuners, terabyte storage and could host iPhone-style apps.
The successor to Virgin’s V+ PVR is scheduled to launch by the end of 2010, and will use the much-lauded TiVo operating system to combine broadcast, on-demand and internet TV services.
It will have its own broadband modem, drawing bandwidth from Virgin’s cable network independent of customer broadband connections, and able to deliver three HD channels at once.
Virgin said user-available storage will be ‘on parity’ with other high end PVRs like the 1TB Sky+HD, in addition to hundreds of hours of HD on-demand, including BBC iPlayer’s hi-def stream.
Which seems to contradict what Allan and Kathy have heard from Virgin Media.  


Digiflip said...

if so wheres the preorder form?

OLU said...

Even if it come's out tomorrow am 100% sure it would not be for free

i don't have money to waste RIGHT NOW

Fred325 said...

I have just called UK customer services and they know absolutely nothimnjg about any new V+ box.

Dazz285 said...

CS never know anything about their products...

Nim said...

Engineer yesterday came to sort out my busted SA hard drive, replaced with Samsung. Asked him about the 1tb box - he said its the same as the tivo box, supposed to be end of this year but more likely next