October 27, 2010

Sky Atlantic

Just got an email from Cindy Rose, Virgin Media's Executive Director of Digital Entertainment, on Sky Atlantic. She says

Regarding Sky Atlantic, we are in discussions with Sky regarding this channel now.  We know little more about the channel and its programming than we have read in the press.  It is entirely up to Sky as to whether they make the channel available to us and at what price.  As always, we will do our very best to continue to offer our customers the best entertainment content available, but as I'm sure you'll appreciate, there are no guarantees.  As soon as we have something to announce, rest assured we will.
I'm still confident that we'll get Sky Atlantic at launch and that Digital Spy have got things wrong in their report on Sky's EPG announcement earlier this week.
One would have hoped that there would have been something in the carriage deal agreed with Sky for the Sky Basics and the VMTV stable that would ensure that VM customers got new or additional channels if others were closed. For the record, since the deals we've lost Sky Real Lives, Sky Real Lives 2 (and the promised HD versions of both), Virgin (now Channel) One, +1, Bravo, +1 and Bravo 2. That's seven SD channels down and two HD that we were expecting, and the only new one announced, Sky Atlantic, we may not be getting. In fact, who's to say that when Living becomes Sky Living we don't lose that one too? And Sky Living +1 and Sky Living 2? And if Sky 1 becomes "Sky One" again?
Alarmist I know, but I just thought I'd throw it out there - as I say, I'm confident Cindy and the VM team won't let us down.


David said...

hope they can do a deal and we can get it

Moroboshi said...

I'll eat my hat if we get Sky Atlantic at launch. Even if they can just delay it by a few months before the regulators force them to sell it, they will.

Murdoch plays very, very dirty and will do anything to screw over the competition. The man should quite frankly be barred from owning any media company.