October 04, 2010

Super Hi Vision at the BBC

BBC Click has a piece on the BBC's R&D work Super Hi Vision this week. 16 times greater resolution than current HD.


Tom Chiverton said...

No, just no.

BluRay/1080p is a much smaller improvement over DVD than DVD was over VHS, for Joe Public.

I see very little need to ditch my kit *again* for 3D, never mind this stuff (unless I buy my own IMAX).

Of course, Hollywood will probably change connector standards away from HDMI to force an upgrade anyway... sigh...

cbcdesign said...

Your comment is incorrect. The improvement in resolution between DVD & Blu-Ray is approx 5 times the number of pixels.

The improvement between VHS & DVD was approx 4.9 times the number of pixels.

It is not a smaller improvement at all but broadly similar in fact.