October 04, 2010

More new HD series on their way

America's Next Top Model 
Mon, Oct 11 9pm Living HD
Thu, Oct 14 10pm Living HD
Eastbound & Down
Thu, Nov 11 10pm FX HD
Family Guy
Thu, Nov 4 9pm FX HD
Haven (New)
Thu, Oct 7 10pm Syfy HD
Thu, Oct 7 9pm Living HD
The Walking Dead (New)
Fri, Nov 5 10pm FX HD
Vampire Diaries
Tue, Oct 5 9pm ITV2 (HD channel launched Oct 7)
Mon, Oct 11 9pm ITV1 HD


Moroboshi said...

We don't get Sci-Fi HD, or did I miss something?

joff81 said...

i think you missed something as we have had Sci-Fi HD since the beginning of the year.

its now been rebranded SY-FY HD but its still the same channel.