October 27, 2010

BBC One HD on channel 108, BBC HD now on 187

Information page on ch.108


Harkaway said...

Because of the switch, you may need to reset Series Link/recordings on your V+ box.

(I noticed that Mad Men had slipped off my future recordings list.)

Thanks for all the updates!

Moroboshi said...

Why oh why have they shifted BBC HD so far down the channel list? It's buried amongst all sorts of rubbish now. Why couldn't it just have had 109 or 110?

Really a shame, and if I was at the BBC I'd be having some pretty stern words with Virgin.

Nialli said...

@Moroboshi - it is even odder with other platforms: Sky has BBC One HD on channel 143 and BBC HD on channel 169.
I think Virgin will use the high EPG placing for the (Sky) Living channels as a bartering tool with Sky. Logic would suggest 109 for BBC HD, 110 for BBC3, 111 for BBC4, but premium EPG placement is highly desirable and Sky would be keen to secure it. How keen? Hopefully Sky Atlantic HD keen.
I wonder if the introduction of TiVo will make the EPG numbering less important?

Tom Chiverton said...

When watching live, I never want to see the SD version if there is a HD version of the same channel.
When setting a recording (series link or not) I still want the choice though (as space is so tight).

Moroboshi said...

I used to have an old ONdigital box and I could re-order the channels in any way I fancied. Was highly useful as I could shift the junk (which was virtually every channel admittedly) well out of the way.

I wish we could do the same with cable, or at least just hide anything we don't want. I know we have the favourites option, but it's ignored by the channel up/down button, and I think also by the TV programme guide. Now I use the display HD only option in the guide, but even then there's still lots of rubbish to ignore.

Basically I just want my V+ box to delete everything but BBC HD, Discovery HD, Nat Geo HD, and FilmFour HD. Then I'd be happy!