October 27, 2010

Added to the VMHD blog

I've added two new features to this blog:
VMHD Most Popular Posts 
These are the five most-read posts on the blog. Most visitors just hit the home page, but where people have gone to specific posts these are the most popular in the three years the blog has been running. Interesting that several of them report things that were rumoured by reliable sources but have yet to happen (ITV2, 1Tb V+, Sky News in HD).
What Nialli is watching on his V+
The HD series I'm recording as Series Links at the moment.Interesting that the only two series not available in HD are Spooks and Match of the Day. Some series I don't record in HD as I will take a while to getting round to them AND THERE JUST AINT ENOUGH SPACE ON THE DISC!!!


Afront said...

I was away for 4 days, V+ recorded a few things, came back to about 1K left on on the disc - phew!

Good job with the new features; I might not post comments here too often but I read every update ;)

streaky_7 said...

Hi Nialli

Film 2010 BBC HD - when is that on as i cant see it on the listings??

Im a big fan of Lie to Me on Sky One HD.

And the Apprentice. Easy to watch entertainment though I do think, watching some of these people who are apparently very intelligent and business savvy, its no wonder the country is in the state its in financially if this is any reflection of the intelligence in the business world ha ha!

Nialli said...

@streaky - It's on BBC HD very late Friday nights. Tonight at 12.50am I think. Next week it will be simulcast on BBC1 HD