January 07, 2011

Breaking Bad, season one: repeating on FX Wednesday/Sundays

It's the US cable show that beats Mad Men in the Emmys, and it's just started from the beginning on FX HD. Catch it Sunday night with episode two on Wednesday. Seven in the first season.
What's more, subsequent seasons have been snapped up by Five USA, and they're repeating season two also on Wednesday, Jan 12th at 11.40pm, albeit just in SD. Confusing? You bet, but it's a great show and Five USA has also got the rights to subsequent seasons too. Watch season one on FX HD, and series stack the thirteen episodes of season two to watch when it's finished is my advice.


kgollop said...

I think Five USA showed seasons 1 + 2 back to back previously, so I believe this may be a repeat of season 2?

Nialli said...

Thanks - I didn't realise season 2 had been shown before so I've update the post. FX has the rights to just season 1 apparently.