January 09, 2011

HBO archive - we have seen it all before

I've been posting a few comments on a Cable Forum thread and thought readers of this blog may be interested:

Incidentally, does anyone else find it odd that some of the folk complaining about Sky Atlantic not being on VM have been dismissive in the past of VM's VoD content, which featured the majority of that Sky Atlantic HBO archive drama and comedy in HD for years?
HBO series formerly on VM VoD (from memory):
Angels in America 
Big Love
Curb Your Enthusiasm
Eastbound & Down
Flight of the Concords
Generation Kill
In Treatment
Sex in the City
Six Feet Under
Tell Me You Love Me
The Sopranos
The Wire
True Blood
When the Levee Breaks
There others too I'm sure.

Many of these aren't listed as coming to Sky Atlantic either. So, whilst we may be aggrieved that Sky is (for now) locking away new HBO content and other US cable exclusives too, let's not forget what we have had, gratis, for the last few years.
One last comment on the Sky Atlantic situation (for now, anyway): by keeping it exclusive on Sky at launch it means that the massive marketing and advertising spend made by Sky for the new channel will be just for its own platform, whereas if it was also showing on VM and BT they would effectively be advertising rival platforms too. Crafty buggers.


Tom Chiverton said...

Not really crafty; exactly what I'd do if I was told I had to resell all my content from channel's X, Y and Z to the completion - create a new channel not covered by the deal.
Why VM's lawyers let them do this is another matter...

Anonymous said...

Beacuse vm lawyers were useless,All there concern was selling the channels.Yes there is a lot of old vod stuff going to be on it but there are a lot of new shows(Broadwalk Empire/Blue Bloods).Both brilliant shows and there will be more,Vm have made a big error of judgement and it will no doubt cost them in the end.By the time they have ripped sky1 to pieces and put the best shows on atlantic,Sky1 wont be worth a carrot

Nialli said...

The HBO shows I'm looking forward to are Boardwalk Empire (which I've now acquired through other means) and David Milch's new one, Look (starring Dustin Hoffman) which I will also track down separately if necessary. Fantasy epic Game of Thrones is one I can wait for - I need to read the books first, and those kind of adaptations can go one way or the other.
Not having direct access to Mad Men is the one that hurts most, but I will get it even if VM doesn't have the channel by the summer.
After my initial disappointment in us not getting the channel I'm now over it I think - after all, there are only so many hours each week I'm going to commit to TV anyway...

Anonymous said...

The reason it bothers me is because I think it is just the start of losing or not getting decent channels on VM. Like someone says Sky1 is hardly worth watching these days, and even more so now that all the good US dramas will go to Atlantic. I just don't want to lose the dramas I love.

btw are they getting Hung too ?

El_MUERkO said...

Virgin Media need to get TiVo boxes into every home they can and then push their on-demand offers as much as possible because this crap of not having all the sky channels is becoming farcical!

As a loyal customer paying for VIP I find the service I use most now is the internet, to stream/download the shows I cant get from their channels!!!

Moroboshi said...

Ultimately it will hurt Sky more than benefit them. Fans of Mad Men and other shows now exclusive to Murdoch will just torrent it (which comes from US TV with all ads removed) or buy the blu-rays (again with no ads remaining). So Sky's advertisers will loose out, and Sky's ad revenues will fall. I can't see anyone with Virgin switching to Sky over this (as we all have fast (ish) broadband), so Sky have just shot themselves in the foot.

Anonymous said...

I agree,But i purchase tv off vm for the channels if they aint got the channels i might as well cancel the tv and just get the broadband and get sky for the channels and programs i want to watch.All well and good people saying tivo does this and does that but at the end of the day if the channels/programs aren`t there to watch wants the point of having it