January 27, 2011

New and returning HD series

Here are some of the new and returning HD series coming soon on Virgin Media channels:
  • Bedlam s1 - Feb 8 at 9pm on Sky Living HD
  • Cougar Town s2 - Feb 8 at 8pm on Sky Living HD
  • Desperate Housewives second half of s7 - March on C4 HD
  • Fringe second half of s3 - April on Sky1 HD (April??? It's already being shown in the US!!)
  • Hawaii Five-0 s1 - Feb 6 at 9pm on Sky1 HD
  • Hot In Cleveland s1 - Feb 15 at 8.30pm on Sky Living HD
  • House second half of s7 -  Feb 10 at 10pm on Sky1 HD
  • Marchlands - Feb 3 at 9pm on ITV1 HD
  • Mike & Molly second half s1 -  Feb 7 at 10pm on Comedy Central HD
  • Modern Family second half of the excellent s2 - Feb 25 at 8.30pm on Sky1 HD
  • Raising Hope second half of s1 - Feb 25 at 9pm on Sky1 HD
  • Ride-Along s1 - Feb on Sky1 HD
  • Skins s5 - Jan 27 at 10pm on E4 HD
  • Spartacus: Gods of the Arena s1 - Feb 7 at 10pm on Sky1 HD
  • Two and a Half Men s8 - Feb 7 at 9pm on Comedy Central HD>
And FX HD is showing the first season of Arrested Development from Feb 6 - hurrah!


geekydaz said...
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geekydaz said...

Cheers for the list - definately looking forward to Fringe and Modern Family

Now if only there was a way I could import it onto my TiVo ;-)

BikeNutt said...

Cheers for the heads-up Nialli !!

Moroboshi said...

I guess Sky will have to change their 'Shown only days after the US' corner of the screen spam on Fringe to 'only months after the US'.

Funny how Sky still don't realise that the internet exists, but then again, Murdoch is VERY old...

Anonymous said...

Ahh Nialli ur the man! Can't find this info anywhere, was driving me crazy! Thanks! Any news on 'Haven' & 'The Event' ?

Dan said...

Spartacus has actually slipped back till the third week of March.