January 20, 2011

TiVo veterans to get special deal - UPDATED

An interesting post on Cable Forum has been confirmed as pucca by VM, so I'm repeating it here for anyone who has an original TiVo box:
I started talks with the launch team at VM a few weeks ago asking if we current Series 1 (S1) owners that have supported TiVo for the last 10 or so years in the UK could group together for a special deal. VM, in principle agree and have asked if I could give an indication of numbers. The only way I could think of to do this is to set up a secure registration site where current "registered" S1 owners can input their details. I will then close this site on closes midday on Friday 21st January [updated] and send the information collated to my contact within VM.

So, any current Tivo Series 1 owner in the UK that would like a special deal from VM for the new VM/TiVo.. please can you register your details here:
The site is secure with its own SSL certificate. The registration for is also 128bit encrypted and all data collated, once transferred to VM will be totally deleted.

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