January 07, 2011

TiVo poll results

The poll I ran on this blog over the last fortnight shows that more than half of the 745 respondents feel that the price announced is too high to invest at launch, whilst almost a third are looking to upgrade straight away. Only 51 said that they had no plans to upgrade, so I guess for Virgin Media that's a pretty heartening response.
From various comments made both here and elsewhere, the loss of the third tuner is a factor too (I didn't go that detailed in the poll's categories) although that apparently will be included when the TiVo goes on general release. (If you're wondering why there were more votes than respondents, that's because you could vote for two categories this time around.)
Pricing for existing VIP and TV XL customers is still to be confirmed, but with launch by all accounts imminent we should know more in the next week or two.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yep,Price way to high.Losing channels and not getting new ones and VM staying silent,Seem to be concentrating on new tech but not much good if channels are not around to back it.