January 12, 2011

Formula 1 in HD this coming season - honest!

After a few false starts and empty promises, F1 fans are finally getting their dearest whish as the BBC has confirmed that it will broadcast Formula 1 in high definition for the first time this coming season.
"We're also delighted to be broadcasting in HD, something we know fans have been waiting for and it will really add something extra to our coverage for 2011" said somebody important in F1 who probably drives a much better car than me.
Full story BBC F1 Coverage Goes High Defintion


Dazz285 said...

Probably won't last.. The BBC will lose the rights to Sky and they will put it on a channel that VM haven't got.

Nialli said...

You cynic you. The BBC has F1 broadcasting rights until 2014 (for anyone who thinks Dazz285 doesn't have his tongue firmly in his cheek)

Dazz285 said...


lee said...


One of the few times Bernie hasn't been on the ball, let alone ahead of it.

Can't wait to see Schuey win in 1080p!! ;-)

Peter said...

Sweet! Cannot wait for the season to begin now.

Dennis said...

Don't forget the BBC class HD as 720p so beware!

Live outside broadcasts are shot in 1080p but shown on our screens as 720p because of bandwidth availability. The BBC are allowed to call it 'Full HD'