July 13, 2010

Five HD launches on Virgin Media, channel 150

Virgin Media today announced that Five’s new high definition channel, Five HD, has launched on its line-up today (Tuesday, July 13th). Five HD is available to Virgin Media’s 3.7 million TV subscribers for no extra monthly fee.
The only HD programming though that I can see today is Neighbours and Home and Away. According to the listings tonight's CSI: Miami and CSI:NY are only in standard def. 
Five has also added to +1 SD channels, so the channels have been renumbered to accommodate as
150 Five HD
151 Fiver
152 Fiver +1
153 Five USA
154 Five USA +1


malcolmbrian said...

By all accounts Virgin testing 11 new channels today including HD movies and sports

StevenK08 said...

Well that's a nice treat, didn't see Five HD coming for a while. :)