July 06, 2010

Sky Sports and Sky Movies HD update?

Interesting rumours on the Cable Forum 'Coming Soon' thread with Media Boy and Big Red both posting that they're hearing that "For anyone who has XL TV will have all new HD channels at no extra cost (excl sports and movies - you only need to subscribe to these channels to get SS HD and SM HD no matter what size TV package your on)"
I think if that's the case Sky will drop the £10 a month sub to coincide with VM's Sky HD launch - I heard a while back that it would most likely end after the World Cup and in time for the new football season in August.


Square eyes said...

Just for info:-

Not confirmed officially but the sports & movies HD channels will be available from 3rd August.

As soon as I hear anything else I will let you all know

Nialli said...

Thanks - I will refrain from a full post until it is confirmed, but great news.