July 05, 2010

Sky Sports HD the most keenly anticipated HD service

The quick poll I ran on which new HD service are you most excited about has had a pretty amazing response: 868 of this blog's visitors* responded. Many thanks for ticking the box, guys.
Without doubt, it's Sky Sports HD that most are looking forward to, with over 50% voting for the imminent premium sports channels. Whether we get Sky Sport 3 and 4 is still subject to speculation (OFCOM only required Sky Sports 1 and 2 to be made available) but it is clear that sport is hugely attractive to the pay TV audience.
Sky Movies HD proved the next most popular (14%), then Sky1 (13%) and Film4 (11%). The latter launches this Thursday btw.
Less popular but probably because it is not coming until the autumn is the BBC1 high def simulcast, whilst bringing up the rear is Five HD, a channel we may or may not get in the next few weeks.
For me it is Sky Movies and Film4 HD that I am keenest to see, althought they will be recorded sparingly thanks to the limited storage capacity on my V+. Sky Sports HD will be fab as I've now got used to my football in HD (great coverage of the World Cup has spoiled me) and I tend not to record sport, just watch it live. Sky1 HD will be welcome too in the Nialli household; Fringe and Caprica in particular.
Exciting times. I have heard that we will get some definite news in the next couple of weeks, especially after that BT cut-price Sky Sports announcement has grabbed the headlines. Stay tuned...

* If anyone is interested, this blog is attracting over 50,000 visits a month and visitors have doubled in the last year.


Andy_mac1 said...

hi there, love your blog, but i do have 1 question..are you 100% sure virgin are getting the sky sports/movie services and if so are they likely to be in place by the time of the new football season??

cheers, Andy

Nialli said...

Yes, and it should be in time for the new football season mid-August. Here's the last official communication from Virgin:
"Been wondering when you can start enjoying Sky Sports and Sky Movies in HD, on Virgin TV? Just keep an eye on your emails and we'll be in touch as soon as they're available! Plus all the details of how you can get your hands on them too. There's no need to call now though, you'll be the first to hear the news from us."

Dazza124 said...

50k hits per month....keep up the good work nialli...I may not post very often these days but I visit here/cable forum daily and have done so for as long as i can remember.