July 18, 2010

Five HD - Superman II

There's been precious little actual HD on our latest arrival, but my daughter has just stumbled upon the second of the Christopher Reeve Superman movies on it this afternoon. Great picture, but boy do those "special" effects look ropey in high def! Stil, Sarah Douglas, a teenage crush of mine, looked mighty fine. A shame she's only really done animation voice work and the odd TV drama since.
Finding Nemo is also showing this afternoon on Five. However, be warned that in the normally reliable Radio Times it doesn't say it's showing in HD - it is (and looks fab).
If Five on channel 150 doesn't have an "HD" top right, it's only showing upscaled versions of movies. Alternatively, check the information box in the EPG for the [HD] tag.


garry.proctor1 said...

Must say i enjoyed it i find better picture quality from films like superman even zulu in hd than todays films.

BikeNutt said...

I agree, actual film-based material always seems to work well in HD.

African Queen on blu-ray anyone?

Tom Chiverton said...

If that was Nemo in HD, it was horrific.

Crystal clear, yes, but there were serious compression problems with the soft tones in the back grounds, causing obvious banding.

Our surround sound amp seemed to make a good job of what ever the audio track was being broadcast in though.

Dempsey Sanders said...

I have Superman 2 on blueray, must admit your right, the effects still look ropey, but still good for its time