July 20, 2010

VIP package changes in the pipeline?

For those VIPs feeling a little less "important", an interesting post from our mate Big Red over on Cable Forum: VIP/VIP+ New and Improved VIP Package


kgollop said...

VIP customers who have complained to neil.berkett@virginmedia.co.uk have been getting call backs this morning promising £7 off for 6 months if taking Sky HD. They are stating the VIP pack will be improved by the time the discount is over.

Ro-me-ro said...
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Anonymous said...

I have emailed the CEO`s office again this afternoon,below is my email-
Good Afternoon,
Firstly thankyou for taking the time out to talk to me this morning,I thought i would just let you know there is some positive feedback on the forums regarding the 6 months £7 discount you are giving to VIP customers.
I will be frequently monitering the situation regarding the restruction of the VIP package and if i may would like to make a suggestion-
If possible could yourselves consider/look into placing the 50 meg broadband into your new VIP pack,Maybe you could have a VIP+ pack.
There is a lot of people like myself who are on top tiers (XXL Broadband/XXL Phone+XL Tv)/Maybe you could do a XXL TV which includeds HD premium channels) who would consider getting a new top tier VIP pack.
Hope you don`t mind the suggestions

Anonymous said...

And this is my reply -
Thanks for your feedback it is appreciated and I will pass this information on. With regards to the inclusion of XXL broadband into VIP. as discussed earlier we are looking into re vamping the VIP package but I do not have any information to pass on at the moment. Be assured however when we have a new VIP package in place we will let you know ,I am sure we will be shouting it from the rooftops as we have in the past.

regards June.

Very positive and a very quick response

Anonymous said...

I have had the same conversation with a lady by the name of Diane. All sounds very positive, she did say however that a condition of having the discount for 6 months is you sign into a new 12 month VIP agreement. I am sure this won't happen but what if the VIP is not as good as people want when it relaunches in January, will you be able to cancel the last 6 months of the VIP pack?

Ro-me-ro said...

I sent an email, and email was forwarded to a lady by the name of June who gave me the same £7 discount for 6 months, with a promise of a new and improved VIP package by the time the discount runs out.

Keeps me happy for now in any case, but again it would be nice not to have to ask for a change :)

black_shadow_1981 said...

can someone tell me what VIP is? im on XXL tv (without sky movies)
10mb net and full phone