July 13, 2010

Square Eyes says...

"It's official - 2nd August - more details to follow over cost of the premium HD channels. HD Premium cost - £7 per box"
Cheers mate!


malcolmbrian said...

Wonder if that means £7 for xl subscribers too who already have sports and movies package. So much for HD being free on Virgin

David said...

will downgrade if thats true and sky dropping there hd charge and virgin putting one on shocking

joff81 said...

i dont subcribe to Sky Sports or Sky movies but would pay to just recieve the HD only broadcasts. so hopefully this is £7 on top of your XL subcription but with no need to subceibe to the SD permium channels.

anyone clarify ????

Square eyes said...

just so you are aware...

Yes it is the same for XL customers, again if you don't have the HD sports/movies there is still no charge for the HD

And Sky are not dropping the cost of the HD this is a rumour, plus if they do I can say that Virgin will drop theirs as well.

So nothing really to worry about

Nialli said...

Don't know. Until we get the official statement from Virgin anything is speculation. Square Eyes is a reliable source, but let's wait for the official line before commenting further - should be something this week.

Square eyes said...


Sorry but you must subscribe to the SD versions to get the HD

Square eyes said...


Its the same as Sky

it is per box - sorry

Nialli said...

Simultaneous typing! I was answering Joff81.
Sounds like Sky are not dropping the £10 just yet. That has been an assumption from Sky fans I've heard since they first launched the service, so it doesn't surprise me.
Maybe it's coming soon. Like Sky VoD. Which isn't going to be HD even when it does, finally, arrive.

David said...
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kyrieanddave said...

If this is true Virgin Prices for my complete package will be more then sky would charge.And with sky I would also get sky sports 3 & 4 & news in HD plus other HD channels. Also sky seem to be one step of virgin all the time when HD channels come into it.

It is looking bad for virgin i can see a lot of people who are on the XL package and using HD moving to sky very quickly to save money and get more HD channels

Sorry Virgin but i think this is a very bad move for your customers who spend a lot of money already with you every month.

David said...

so if they do charge for hd sports and movies we vip customers are gonna be paying a lot more that rest on other packages as we did not get discount on sport and movies packages like rest did that not fair top package dont get discount others did unless and im still hoping they be no extra charge for vip for sports movies HD

kgollop said...

So £14 on top of VIP pack to get Sky Premiums on both boxes? That does not sounds like very good value at all... Thanks for replying anyway Square Eyes.

malcolmbrian said...

Phoned Virgin customer service and they said they don't have codes as yet for official go live date but confirmed it would be £7 per box

Square eyes said...

Just to put everything in order....

If you have Sky HD with multiroom (say 1 additional box) the HD would cost £20 (£10 per box) - with VM £14 for the same.

If you do not have the HD sports & movies, the rest of the HD on the XLTV package is FREE, again same package with Sky is £20.

As for those of you with the doom & gloom, let just add up the costs

SKY - From new August Prices

Full TV with HD/sport/movie & additional box


Phone Line with unlimited calls


So called up to 20mb broadband


Total Cost - £105

Those of you on the the VIP with HD sports/movies

Cost Aprox - £105

So who gets better value?

Square eyes said...

Sorry forgot to mention

Film 4 HD exclusive to VM


Sorry - More HD content on VM

Nialli said...

And Film4 HD, too...
Careful mate - anyone would think you work for the company ;o)

kyrieanddave said...

Who should you go with virgin or Sky £105 for both but sky gives you extra sky sports 3 and 4 HD, Sports News Hd, Full Access to Red Button features for more football which we all no virgin will not get full access for a while o and not to forget Disney HD, Hallmark HD,Sky 1 HD. I can only see 1 winner sky and one loser VM.

Square eyes said...

The red button feature is coming as well, so no loss there - as for sports 3 & 4 well lets just say they have only just launched, so no agreement yet with Sky, but hey who is to say could be something for the future.

Hallmark & Sky one HD are coming -
the deal for Hallmark is not exclusive to Sky.

As someone mentioned ealier - this time last year what did you have?


Now more HD content than Sky, yet people still moan - get a life

Anonymous said...

total rip off gonna cost £34.50 in total just two watch on 1 box,Sky must be laughing all the way to the bank.

Square eyes said...


what exactley have you got to make £34.50?

JD said...

For me its not such a bad deal.
Previously had BB and phone with virgin and tv with sky including espn.
In total was costing me close to £125 a month.
Im now on the VIP with 50mb broadband and paying £95 ish for the lot, add £7 for 1 box of hd and im still quids in.

Dexter said...

it is a decent deal, obviously i would have preferred the HD premiums to be free, but the HD pricing for sports and movies wasn't part of the ofcom price ruling, its been worked out between virgin and sky.

And ESPN is still £9 per month with sky! still free on virgin, plus anyone can get all the "basic" HD channels for free

no one is forcing you to take sports and movies in HD but its nice to finally have it as an option

Anonymous said...

well its 27.50 for sports and movies in sd and its gonna cost another 7.00 for hd version total cost 34.50 and we are only getting getting half of the sports channels

gst2000 said...

The prices also change once you add more boxes, for example each extra sky box = £20 with skyHD and £12 VM.

Then consider the channel recording/viewing limitations which I still keep hitting with Sky, then the ability to copy things to your DVD-R at any time without having to watch it!

Just other things to consider not mentioned so far.