April 29, 2011

Fringe this week - barely HD, deliberately

Watching this week's episode of Sky1 HD's Fringe I thought I needed my eyes testing; normally one of the best examples of HD picture quality, this week's broadcast (an episode called "Subject 13") looked blurry on my TiVo.
According to the Fringe sites though it was filmed deliberately in this way; not only to reflect the 1985 setting for this flashback episode, but also to assist with the CGI on John Noble's/Walter Bishop's face to make him appear 26 years younger.
And there I was thinking the TiVo's HD PQ had taken a turn for the worse...
(And yes, that's Andre "Bubbles" Royo in the pic, Wire fans!)


manu76 said...

Been impressed with the Tivo box since my install on Wednesday. HD picture is definately of a higher quality, as is the SD picture, which offers a much richer colour than my V+HD box. Well worth the outlay for sure.

sibod said...

Im seeing significant 'Shummeriung' and picture breakup on HD channels, particularly BBC One HD.

It seems random, although on Sci-fi HD the other day during V the picture froze entirely for sections of the recording.

Tivo trouble or broadcasting problems?

howardmicks said...

A think a tivo problem at your end matey i have watched a lot of bbc one hd last couple of days and also v and had no problems if it continues might i suggest you call vm