April 18, 2011

Virgin Media adds new 3D line-up from Disney & Paramount

Virgin Media press release:
Virgin Media’s 3D offering continues to go from strength to strength with an exciting new line-up of 3D movies courtesy of Paramount Pictures and The Walt Disney Company UK & Ireland. Starting this month 3D films such as Paramount’s Jackass 3D and Disney’s TRON: Legacy will join Virgin Media’s pioneering on demand TV service, which was the first commercial 3D service to be available to millions of homes in the UK*.
These latest deals will bring range of new 3D movies powered by FilmFlex made available for the first time on TV for Virgin Media customers over the coming months.
Aleks Habdank, director of On Demand Television & Strategy at Virgin Media said: “We’re thrilled to be adding this exciting range of new movies to our 3D video on demand service from two of the biggest studios Paramount Pictures and Disney. Virgin Media pioneered 3D on Demand in the home last year, and we’re continuing to deliver a range of 3D content that’s available to all of our customers and now coupled with our new TiVo-powered service we are able to provide viewers with the most compelling TV offering in the UK.”
I'll refrain from comment as my scepticism about 3D TV isn't always appreciated...


howardmicks said...

Seems they can manage to sucure rights to chargeable content,But still we await new channels.

howardmicks said...

with our new TiVo-powered service we are able to provide viewers with the most compelling TV offering in the UK.”
Got to laugh at that statement !!!!!!!

Moroboshi said...

3D is a pointless gimmick which will never take off, just as it didn't the 3 other times it was tried.

What Virgin are lacking however, is Sky Atlantic.

Andrew said...

Sky Atlantic aint all that i can live without it.

i feel 3d will take off once bush and the other cheap TV makers start to pump them out. i dont want a 3D tv but if its cheap enough when i come to buy a new TV then ill end up wae it and im sure others will end up the same way,its a natural upgrade. When glasses free sets get cheap enough the uptake of them will surge and by then there will be a shed load on 3D content to watch on them

sibod said...


Just get Sky and be done with it!

I have allthe content I can watch, and in HD, they have added dozens of new HD channels over the last year, and I am not complaining.

I would like more,but I fear Sky have tied them all up with exclusivity deals.

howardmicks said...

Already have on a half price deal for £26.50 per month i get over 50 HD Channels,Yes they have added but they have been promising more for over 9 months and still we are waiting !!!!!!!!!!!

Gerald said...

Shy might have over 50HD channels but how many of them do you actually watch regularly?

For me VM offers the best bundle of TV & broadband, Tivo or not.

sibod said...


They havent promised specificchannels, and yes, they have added more recently - Sky Arts for example.

Most of the HD channels, bar Skuy Atlantic, are just simulcast versions of the SD channels and 90% of the output isn't even HD.

So good luck with your 50 HD channels, we'll be busy enjoying TiVo and better on demand for now.

Krankor said...

@howardmicks - Weird.. I was offered 6 months at half price for the full sky tv package, but on closer inspection that didn't include the HD subscription. At 50% off that would be £31+ a month. Hate to say it, but I'll think you'll find you have zero HD channels, not 50+. :(

Krankor said...

Out of curiosity, I called Sky tonight and asked what deal they could offer (had no intention of moving, so a bit cheeky). They finally offered me 6 months at 50% off (though this wasn't their first offer). But... when I asked about the HD pack, they said that was not included and furthermore would be £10.25 a month (no 50% off that). I'll see if they call me back.

howardmicks said...

I am enjoying tivo also as i have both vm+sky,All i did was cancel movies and sports with vm and with what i saved got sky tv half price(so actually saved money)

@krankor my half price deal included free hd pack for 12 months and i have had this deal since last june and as for zero i enjoyed watching game of thones in amazing hd on sky atlantic hd last night as for demand,dont use and never been bothered about it anyway.

Erich said...

Moroboshi sayz...
3D is a pointless gimmick which will never take off, just as it didn't the 3 other times it was tried.

1. there has never before been a united push from hardware manufacturers and content providers like the one we're seeing now.

2. 3D is no more pointless than color, stereo, surround, widescreem, HD, etc before it were. We can agree or disagree about the limitations of the current technology, but freeing the moving image from its 2-dimensional confines is a pretty big deal.

3. 3D has already taken off. It's a huge success in theatres, and the home 3D market has had more or less the same take-up as HD at the same point, and with considerably less 3D content compared to how much HD was available in its first year.