April 26, 2011

Sky Art 1 and 2 HD channels arrive on Virgin Media

It's been a while since Virgin Media added to its HD channel line up, so April 26th is the start of some renewed activity on the HD front as we welcome Sky Arts 1 and Sky Arts 2. The channel line up has been juggled around to accommodate:
  • Sky Arts 1 moves to Channel 281
  • Sky Arts 1 HD debuts on Channel 282 
  • Sky Arts 2 moves to Channel 283 
  • Sky Arts 2 HD debuts on Channel 284
I've been watching the repeats of the excellent Spectacle interview series on Sky Arts 1 over Easter and was seriously underwhelmed by the SD picture quality (both on my V+ and TiVo) so these are welcome additions to the HD line up for me, even if they're not to everyone's taste.

1 comment:

Philip Guest said...

Particularly welcome as the Sky Arts channels are going to be broadcasting many of the summer UK music festivals.