April 15, 2011

Sky sets its sights on Glee

Another Sky swoop is likely as apparently it is in the bidding for E4's biggest series, Glee. The show is more likely to appear on Sky1 or Sky Living, but it is the same old story: the Beeb or C4 take the risk then Sky's cash moves in and captures the rights at the first opportunity.


Harkaway said...

I agree totally with your analysis. However, this year's episodes seem to have lost their way. Too many musical numbers and no real plot development. They did everything in the first year (teen pregnancy, searching for birth parent, parental acceptance of gay son, dealing with second family, unhappy marriage, etc.) and don't know what to do with Sue! I'm not sure why they want it! Except, of course, their inability to spot winners and build them into hits. I think one day they will need to recognise that ongoing hits are mostly made on terrestrial television.

Nialli said...

I don't watch Glee so I cannot comment, but I think US series beyond a second season are often out of ideas and by the time Sky picks them up they're so frequently in decline. Lost and House are the most obvious examples but I think few have the ideas and characters that can stretch to seasons five or six and retain that initial spark and quality. There are exceptions of course.
My daughter watches Glee avidly, but via streaming sites rather than on a TV. None of her friends watch it on an actual telly - all on laptops.

Moroboshi said...

Typical of Sky's predatory, parasitic nature, and proof, as if any were needed, that they are still amateurish and of no real merit.

Personally I find myself moving away from US TV of late. So much of it is derivative and poor quality. (Broadwalk Empire and Mad Men excluded of course) The European shows BBC Four have been showing have been so much better (Spiral, The Killing). Too bad they're no in HD though.