April 07, 2011

More new HD series arrive this spring

Camelot s1 - April on 4HD
Desperate Housewives - s7 returns April 13 at 10pm on 4HD
Dexter s5 - this summer on FXHD
Doctor Who - Sat, Apr 23 on BBC One HD
Justified s2 - April on 5USA (not HD...but still worth catching)
The Chicago Code - May on Sky1 HD
The Defenders - Fri, Apr 8 at 10pm on FX HD
The Reckoning - Mon, Apr 18 at 9pm on ITV1 HD
The Wire s1 - April, FX HD (not HD - but still worth catching if you haven't seen it before)


BikeNutt said...

Thanks Nialli

Moroboshi said...

So bizarre that Dexter is still miles behind the US. Season 5 finished 6 months ago in the US, and so will be going on a year old once it airs here.

The most hyped US show coming soon right now is HBO's Game of Thrones, which in the UK is exclusive to Sky Atlantic and bittorent.