April 28, 2011

Sky Sports Red Button: live tonight on non-TiVo boxes

Official from Virgin's website: -
Sky Sports Red Button is now available for Virgin TV Sky Sports customers following the launch of our new interactive application found on Sky Sports channels.

This new interactive service adds to the Red Button features available to customers with a V+HD, VHD or V box.
Sky Sports Red Button kicks off with its first sporting event on Thursday 28th April with International Cricket: West Indies v Pakistan. There is a schedule of events coming up including Masters Tennis and the Rugby Super League in May. (Events are subject to change without notice).  We'll let you know what else is coming up  so watch this space for information on where you will be able to find updates and news.
The interactive Red Button application will be available on the following Sky Sports Channels:

Channel Number
HD Channel
Sky Sports 1
Sky Sports 2
Sky Sports 3
Sky Sports 4
To access Red Button services just press the red button on your remote when you hear an announcement or if a red button icon appears on your screen (usually in the top right hand corner).
The Red Button services are free, but you may incur a charge for entering competitions.

What is the red button service?The red button service allows customers to access extra information for the channel they are currently watching – including news reports, weather and sporting events such as Tennis at Wimbledon.
I have a TiVo box, can I access red button on Sky Sports channels?At the moment you can only access Red Button if you have a V+ HD, V HD or V box.  If you are a TiVo customer, sorry but Red Button is not currently available on your TiVo box.  Don’t worry, we will let you know as soon as it is available.


Darren Taylor said...

Still no red button service on Football First: Match Choice :-(

Robert said...

Just rang them and been told now, 8th may!

BikeNutt said...

The main reason I (we all?) want red button service is Football First: Match Choice and, as Darren has mentioned above, it wasn't there. Doh!

tuckers said...

No red button for me yet. I have V+HD (no tivo). NOW 1st May....

Ipsum Incognito said...

Also, the first half of the Spanish football which is available on the red button is not accessible on the V+HD box.

chayter1962 said...

Powered HD+ box off the on (Rebooted)and The red button worked.

tuckers said...

Red button now works after reboot. Cheers for the advice.

Craig said...

Does it work for everything like it does on Sky? For example, during live sports broadcasts on Saturday afternoon you are supposed to be able to get the live football scores via Sky Sports News in a frame on the outside of the main picture?

chayter1962 said...

Red button only available for select events (ie: Masters Tennis) Football first should be available in August, I would keep a eye on the Channels as I presume VM will be running tests.