April 27, 2011

TiVo questions for the VMHD collective

Does anyone know if there's a way to group together items in the My Shows listing such as films? I went a bit 1Tb drive happy at the weekend and now have 20+ HD movies recorded, but they're all listed individually under My Shows whereas ideally I'd have a Movies folder (like the TiVo currently collects episodes on a single show). I'd have thought it was a pretty simple requirement, and without it my My Shows list is already pretty long.
Also, why didn't they put a Search button on the remote? Having to use the Last Channel button is odd. And couldn't Pause have been combined with Play and been a single central button?


parmo said...

Been trying to work this out myself, should be easily implemented from the recordings metadata category of "Film". Similarly want to folder "Children" for all the kiddie's stuff.

ashpole said...

I think you can make yourself a Wishlist for Movies and they'll all be listed inside there - just be sure NOT to set auto-record on the Wishlist or your 1TB drive will suddenly look very very small indeed!

Phil said...


Yeah you can. Youo have to name your folder "films". And add a sub cat of HD if you just want HD. Tell your wish list to keep at most 1 recording and don't delete it. Every other film should then go into that folder HOWEVER a lot of things do place themselves into multiple folders. For example your HD films will probably generate their own folder called HD and place themselves in there as well. Be careful though because I think ifyou delete a programme from one folder it will delete its self from all folders it is contained in!!

streaky_7 said...

This is great. I have a folder for films and one for children and they work perfectly. So I'm going to set up more folders for different category's. Works a treat and saves to having to scroll through pages of stuff.

Though as phil says, delete from one folder will delete from the others. And always leave one item in a folder or the folder will disappear!

lkenw1 said...

When I had my Tivo Box installed, I was told that if a certain series of say The Office was showing on a certain channel, that I would be able to go back and watch any previous series. I have checked this, and the full series list is in 'Episode Guide'. You get all episodes listed with the dates they first aired, but you can't watch them. It says 'not currently available'. Does anyone know of this, or have you been told the same. Is it something Virgin are working on. If not, it seems to me that for £3 more a month, all I have is a glorified V+ Box.