May 15, 2011

More cancelled US shows

It's axe swinging time at the US networks and a number of popular imports have already fallen victim and won't be returning next season. So, don't hold your breath waiting for the following as they've all been announced as gone baby gone:
  • Stargate: Universe
  • Brothers & Sisters
  • V
  • No Ordinary Family
  • The Event
  • Human Target
  • Chicago Code
  • Law & Order: Los Angeles
  • Lie To Me
Update: two more I've just learned of: 
  • $#*! My Dad Says  
  • The Defenders
Pretty big blow there for those channels that are built around US imports as shows get axed no matter how popular they are in the UK.


ashpole said...

Very disappointed to see the demise of Chicago Code and Lie to Me...

streaky_7 said...

Oh hell. Suppose I might as well cancel the Lie to Me series link then.

Dazz285 said...

I'm getting fed up as well.. Just as you get in to a series Fox etc go and cancel them..

Square eyes said...

As the American's say


If they aired these show without such long mid-season breaks or changing the days & times, they would get much better viewing figures and would not have to cancel as many

Carryonvending said...

All those were crap anyway...hence they were axed

wickywoowoo said...

I watch Stargate: Universe, V, No Ordinary Family, The Event, Chicago Code and The Defenders.

My 1tb drive with my Tivo suddenly seems pointless as that is nearly three quarters of my TV viewing done.

Erich said...

Square eyes said...

If they aired these show without such long mid-season breaks or changing the days & times, they would get much better viewing figures and would not have to cancel as many

This assertion isn't really supported by the facts. The rating problems often appear early on in a series' run, not to mention the fact that they tend to be mirrored in other territories, where the shows are aired without breaks. It's not too long ago that people around here were making excuses for Flashforward's cancellation, and blaming a long mid-season break for the drop in viewership, when the facts revealed that the ratings were in free-fall long before the break, and that the same was the case in the UK and other European markets, where there had been no break.

I don't see any of this latest batch of cancelled shows having fared better with uninterrupted runs. Even shows like 24 and Lost saw no significant ratings improvement, when they switched to (near)continuous runs. In fact, Lost had its lowest ranked season, and subsequent seasons continued to drop.

Richard said... has always been a good place to find out what is running and what is going to be cancelled.

It is a shame when stuff gets cancelled but the US base everything on their viewing figures so if they don't get the expected numbers they can the project.;

is an interesting summary of those that are going an what went wrong.

Windowlicker said...

Human Target I gave up ages ago since they changed the format. The Event was begging to be cancelled with plot holes you drive a bus through. The Chicago Code had such a strong start but since then has not really moved anywhere but Dellroy Lindo is very good in it.

sibod said...

The problem IMHO is that they tend to drag shows out too long in the US.
SHort, sweet shows like True Blood, The Walking Dead, etc tend to keep the quality high because they dont have to fill 25 odd episodes a year.

Imagine, a typical US show runs for 5-10 years +, and they have to create up to 25 individual stories per show per year. Take Smallville - which was 10 years this year, that's well over 200 episodes to write for and have individual stories for!
I far prefer our shorter series, it leaves you wanting more and they can then go out on a high!