May 19, 2011

Last week's TiVo software update

According to VM, here are the bugs addressed in last week's TiVo software update (1.01):
  • The picture no longer freezes on HD channels within seconds of tuning
  • Catch-up assets now display the correct date and time of airing
  • Box rebooting without return path now recovers when restored
  • Boot-up splash screen has been updated
  • Cast information in EPG updated where missing for many programmes
  • Correct time now shown in "Already Scheduled" pop-up
  • LED lights remain on during boot-up
  • 11% improvement in stability over previous build (Beta test results)


Coops said...

Has anybody experienced the recording on the TIVO misses the first 3 minutes or the last 3 minutes on most channels? but my V+ HD box does not have this problem.

spk said...

My HD picture still freezes at the start and end of recordings!

Moroboshi said...

Any improvement to TIVO's continual need for PIN entry even for shows recorded before 9pm?

streaky_7 said...


I couldn't agree more. It's asks for a PIN when my daughter puts on a children's programme that was recorded after 10pm - I record some stuff like this late at night as I record so much during the day and can't do it all.

But now the purpose of the PIN has been lost as my daughter now knows the PIN. What's the point of that?!!!

Moroboshi said...

My TIVO asks for a PIN for virtually everything. It will pop up and tell me it needs a pin as the recording was made after 10pm, then once I've entered the PIN it's own Metadata will say it was recorded at (for example) 7pm.

It's just broken and hugely annoying. The old V+ asked for the PIN too much but the TIVO is far worse. There should be an option to disable PIN entry completely.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear. This thread is persuading me to reign in my lusting after Tivo.
I've already spent 2 years being an unofficial beta tester for RED cameras and it's not an experience I'm keen to repeat!

ChrisGrey said...

I agree completely. My wife and I are 50+ with no children in the house we ought to be able to decide whether we want a PIN to be activated on our Tivo box or not.

Podder said...

Please can we have the option of disabling the pin function for programmes recorded after 9pm. Also when watching "suggestions" stop button does not work. Anyone else have this problem

aggydo1 said...

my tivo box freezes breifly before recording and also cuts the beginning or end of programmes of intermittently