May 15, 2011

My TiVo Suggestions get better and better

I may have had a moan yesterday about TiVo Wishlists missing some obvious films, but Suggestions are getting better every week on my box. Okay, so I seem to have Top Gear and The Gadget Show suggested (and recorded) regardless of how many thumbs down I give them, but some of them have been pretty impressive and helpful. For example, I have a Wishlist looking for repeats of Firefly, and the TiVo has recorded Castle for me, which I've not seen as it's on Alibi, a channel I pretty much ignore. It stars Nathan Fillion (also of Firefly) and it's pretty darned watchable - not a classic but a step up from the standard cop shows.
The TiVo also suggested repeats of classic Father Ted and Spaced tucked away in the More4 schedules, has recorded Match of the Day for me (when I didn't realise it was on) and found a couple of Terry Gilliam and Martin Scorsese documentaries on TCM I didn't know where coming soon. Cool.


Anonymous said...

Yes it suggested father ted for me last week(I have never watched it) and luckly it was ep1 and got to say a classic so series linked now for further eps.Well done tivo !

streaky_7 said...

Well I can't be as excited about suggestions. As I posted elsewhere yesterday, I would say 60-70% odd of my suggestions and recommendations are the same as they were weeks ago even if I have down thumbed them. 80-90% of them are US programmes. And 99% of them are for series that are half way through season 7 for example so I have no real interest in picking it up nearing it's end.

TiVo has many pluses. For me, so far, this isn't one of them. Hopefully more 'thumbing' and more updates and this will improve.

I would like to see new shows prioritised. I would like to never see a programme I have thumbed down. Whether it be with 1 thumb or 3. And I would like to see a good mix of programming both in terms of genre and where it's from.

Only then will I see this as the benefit to my TV experience!

Carryonvending said...

The reason I bought TIVO was to find suggestions about progs I never could be bothered to research or watch. I forced this by cancelling Sky Movies.... believe me I am watching some great content.

I have great expectations of the software updates that are to come and the APPS that will follow (PLEASE GOD, not those two off the Apprentice)

deadpixel said...

i've turned off suggestions since going to tivo, found that I never used it. Still loving it though, and do not regret leaving sky at all. BUT, I would kill for 3 things. 1: the info button to work on quick guide. 2: the quick guide not to reset after selecting a program to record. 3: A GOD DAMN one touch delete!!!! I'm sick of selecting the folder, then selecting the episode, THEN selecting to delete it.