May 26, 2011

Recording the buffer

One of the features that I was anticipating with the TiVo was being able to save buffered content, but I cannot figure out how to do it.
For example, I've been watching something on BBC1 HD for half an hour and decide I want to keep what I've watched so far and the rest of the programme. I understood that the TiVo would do that, but I can't figure out how to do it. Any ideas? Or did I imagine this feature??


mercelous said...

I have just tried this on Sky Movies Family HD with the Chipmunks and on the BBC HD channel and the recording the buffer worked. Unless there was a fault at the time of you doing it who knows but it is clearly working for me both on my 1TB TiVo and on my 500GB TiVo boxes.

Nialli said...

Do you just press Record? What if the programme has just finished and the EPG now has something else listed? That's what I had when I tried.

Anonymous said...

Pressing record works for me.

Ed said...

I've only done this once, but noticed that when I pressed "record":

- the TiVo listed the program as being the "current" one from the EPG

- the recording still contained the first part of the buffer (with the earlier program)

- playback started at the start of the "current" program, but it looked like I could just rewind to the earlier show.

As I say, I did only do this once, and didn't pay that much attention, but this is what seemed to have happened.

mercelous said...

Yes all you do is press record and it asks if you want to record the current showing and you just click yes and it should record all the buffer that has built up. To be safe just press the play button first before you record to see how much buffer is there.

Matthew said...

Off topic, but wanted to share my Tivo discovery today. You may already know this, but I along with everyone else I know didn't know you could do it.

Since I've had Tivo it's been driving me mad how long it takes to delete programmes. It's particularly irritating having to delete everything one by one in the Suggestions Folder, which can be time consuming. However, if you highlight the programme you want to delete and simply press 'Clear', it will instantly delete it making the process much quicker.

Square eyes said...


Only problem wih that is you still have to delete them one by one in the deleted folder, this is the worst problem for me with TIVO.

Have spoken to the development team about this numerous times, but still waiting for an update on if they are going to do something about it.

Richard said...

@Square eyes I think I'm being thick!
Why do u care what's in the 'deleted' folder?
If TiVo needs space this is the first stuff to go!.
In series 1 we didn't have a 'visible' deleted folder, a hack gave us access so we could recover files. Now they have given us the folder so we can recover if we want. Never seen issues because of the what is deleted. Would you prefer the folder wasn't visible so you assume delete is permanent?

Richard said...

If the program is still on just press record.
If it's finished, I think you need to rewind the buffer into the programme and press record or try using the epg and pressing record on you programme.
Never tried on a finished program only on a current. So as everyone says 'press record'.

might be worth checking on the Vm TiVo support forum when the TiVo guys are answering questions.
Pm me for the link if you can't find it.

Square eyes said...


The deleted folder is available incase you delete something in error, however I just think that you should have the same option to delete a complete folder like with the others created.

Yes folder is great so you can recover a recording, but if you have of stuff to go through to find it, well it can be a bit of a drag doing so because of all the other crap.

This is just my opinion, others like yourself may not understand that or agree with it or some will - thats why we should have the choice

mail said...

it took me a while to work this out but while watching sky sports 1 say press info, on the left hand side of the panel that pops up go down to the bottom (It's a R in a circle with it duplicated behind it) Now in the pannel you will see what the other two tuners are on say one is on bbc 1 and the other QVC. Choose the tuner showing BBC1 and you will now be using that tuner with the tuner you were previously using staying on sky sports 1. flick all the channels all you want and the other two tuners will be buffering sky sports 1 and QVC. You just repeat the process to switch to the tuner showing SS1. It is a lot simpler than my conveluted writings make out and it is quite briliant in practice. My daughter paused the simpsons the other night but I wanted to watch the news while she was out the room so doing the above I changed the tuner and changed channel to the news all the while the other tuner kept 'the simpsons' paused so that when my daughter came back into the room I could switch to the tuner that was still pausing the simpsons and away she went. (obviously this does depend on the tuners being free and not recording anything)

Anonymous said...

with all these tivo bugs
i will stick with the samsung v + box

mercelous said...

@Nialli Genius I never realised you could do that. Not even on Sky can you do anything like that. I also found that you can pause a program and then go off and do anything you like in the menu or options. You can also pause whilst in the menu or option settings where you can see the video window. I love it.

Jon said...


Everyone's tolerance is different, but IMO the benefits over V+ far outweigh any of the small true bugs.

The main problems (boxes crashing, channels not authorised) are hardware and/or signal quality issues not problems which all are affected by. Those affected should call back the engineers until they are resolved.

It's also worth saying the TiVo issues are nowhere near as bad as the V+ issues at launch, although of course that is no reason to switch from the, now stable, V+.

Nialli said...

@Glenn: what bugs in particular? My TiVo has never needed rebooting, never missed a recording, has no channel access issues and is proving more reliable than I had ever dreamed it would be.
(Now that's tempting fate I'm sure)
The only bug that winds me up is the repetitive request for the PIN number, but that's an inconvenience rather than a show-stopper in my book

Anthony said...

@mail - 3 thumbs up for the info!!!

Darren said...

Something that's annoying me at the moment is my Tivo insists on suggesting and recording the Audio Description version of a programme when there is a HD version available. Don't think I've even ever watched the AD channels.

I wish there was a way to force the suggestions to record HD if it's available. The suggestions are great, but it's frustrating when it records the AD channel when there's a shinny HD one available.

Snowy Brighton said...

Hi Niall,

I don't know where to put this, but have you noticed that the epg has changed slightly? We now have logos for all the channels and they have also included the 'new' logo on options.


Nialli said...

I think the logos appeared with the software update a few weeks ago.

kenneth said...

this is the right time to get tivo i am thing off phoneing up to get one this week ?

Anonymous said...

Tivo box all channel menu. Go in to it, select say 232, watch for a minute go back to menu & its at 101 again. Have to scroll right through again. Also no text service for news or sports results.
Total downer. Two steps forwaerd & 1 step back again.