May 02, 2011

TiVo wins $500m patent settlement

From PaidContent, some interesting news about a big win for the TiVo company in the US:
TiVo CEO Tom Rogers hailed the $500 million patent settlement with [US satellite company] Dish Network as a historic day for the DVR company. The agreement represents the “one of largest technology patent settlements of all time,” the TiVo CEO said.
“In addition to highlighting the significant value of our intellectual property, it creates a recurring stream of high-margin licensing revenue that enhances our financial profile while also removing the overhang inherent in this kind of protracted litigation,” Rogers said during a hastily arranged conference call with investors and the media.On top of the $500 million settlement, Dish has also paid $100 million in licensing fees to TiVo for the Time Warp patent, Rogers noted. Over the next several years, TiVo says it will realize at least $50 million in additional annual revenue tied to licensing fees through 2017, when the patent expires.
TiVo has a number of other similar actions for patent infringement against other companies (including Microsoft, AT&T and Verizon). Some times the good guys do win it appears.

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