May 29, 2011

Has your TiVo slowed down recently?

If so Nick from Virgin over on the Virgin Media TiVo forum is investigating:
OK, we're looking into this issue. Send me a private message with the title "Box slowing down - latest update".
I need the following:
Installation date:
Hard drive remaining capacity:
Last (known) reboot, whether manual or not:
Please only post if you truly think your box has slowed down since the 1.01 update, otherwise you'll affect the results.
Nick Ontiveros
TV Strategy, Digital Entertainment


Anonymous said...

the whole operation of the box is jerky and sluggish. I expected a hell of a lot better for something that I paid the best part of £200 for......

alan said...

what a pile of crap this box turned out to be,again, done over by virgin medias hype

Nialli said...

@ alan: Seriously? Or are you basing your comments on others' experience? Couldn't disagree more.

Anonymous said...

People obviously have had very differing experiences with this box. It appears a lot of faults that should really have been ironed out, pre-production are evident. The biggest gripe for me is that whenever I`m watching a Sky channel, I can`t see the video in the small window. I pay for these premium channels, and therefore should be able to observe these whilst checking my viewing for the hours ahead. I admit there are some cracking features on the box, but at the same time, there is massive room for improvement in other areas...

David-Allan said...

I think its a massive improvement on the V+ box and the gui is very intuitive.

I havent come across any glitches as of yet but I have only had my box for a week now.

So far so good and after speaking to some guys in the TiVo TWeam it seems they are working on some new features.

I'd like to see the ability to record programs/movies when I see them on the adverts lie you can on Sky and also i'm looking forward to the iphone app which should be along soon

AK said...

The slow TiVo box genuinely makes me want to consider Sky. I hate having to navigate through the pathetically slow tivo box and it's cluttered interface as it repeatedly stalls and takes ages to switch between screens and menus.