May 31, 2011

Free V HD box activation until 29th June

Virgin Media is offering all its TV customers free V HD box activation until 29th June – normally £49.95.
The number of HD channels you receive will depend on your TV package. If you have the M+ or L packages you’ll receive 6 HD channels or if you have TV XL you will receive 19 HD channels.
If you already have a VHD Box you can activate the HD channels on your V HD box now for free, saving £49.95.
Activate me now
If you don't have a V HD Box there's a £20 quickstart installation option so that you can upgrade your current V box to a V HD box with free HD activation.
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joff81 said...

just to let you all know this offer is not valid on additional boxes if you currently have a TiVo or V+HD box that is already HD activated.

the reason i know this is because i spend over half an hour on the phone on saturday trying to get my additional VHD box activated and was told after being passed to about 4 different departments that i will be charged £49 as i already have a HD activated Tivo box.

Bofrok said...

Just updated one of our V boxes to V HD even though we already have a V+HD (actually a TV Drive) which is HD activated.

Had a slight 'blip' shortly after when we got a message on screen saying the V+ service was being deactivated, but a call soon fixed that - seems the smart card number had been altered on the database!

@joff81 did you try updating your box online? I know quite a few people have had problems when phoning as it's an online offer only.

alexkwatson said...

Any idea how long it takes for the HD channels to activate after completing the online update process?