July 19, 2011

BBC iPlayer content now appearing in the TiVo catch up EPG

Poor old Streaky 7 - he's combatting a load of negative TiVo comments that have appeared against yesterday's Poll post single-handed (sorry I can't help mate but I've got a problem with my work PC posting comments for some reason).
Anyway, he's just posted that the BBC iPlayer content can now be accessed via the backwards TiVo EPG. Virgin guy BenMcr, who's always accurate, confirms on Cable Forum


kenneth said...

yes i hust but masseng today it not on my right way but it on there now

sibod said...

@ kenneth:


Moroboshi said...

Kenneth you seem to have fallen asleep on the keyboard. Please wake up and try typing while conscious.

kenneth said...

lol i know just i got it mates lol had the kid with me when i was on the keybaord