July 05, 2011

Virgin confirms TiVo refund

"As many of you will have seen, we have just launched the marketing campaign for Virgin Media TiVo. As part of this campaign we've decided to lower the price for the 1TB box to £99.95. We're conscious that the earliest buyers of this great product paid £149.95, which was an offer only available to existing Virgin Media XL TV customers at the time.
"We want to ensure that those who bought TiVo early are not missing out on the more competitive price now available. We're therefore pleased to say that we'll be crediting all those customers who bought the 1TB box at £149.95 with the £50 difference. This will appear on your bill in the next two months. We'll be emailing all these customers shortly, to confirm this.
"We hope that you'll continue to enjoy your TiVo experience, which we think is the best way to watch TV, ever!"


Buzby said...

A result! Well done, VM! As a customer of 15 years, actions like these restore one's faith in fair dealing.

Carryonvending said...

My reply

Hello David

Thanks for taking the time to give us the feedback.

It was the common sense approach to the issue, and we believe the right thing to do.

Thanks for remaining a customer, and keep on enjoying your TiVo.

Kind Regards

Paul O'Hare said...

This is great. but I had the 500GB Tivo installed and paid the £40 instalation fee, which is now not applicable - will I get that refunded? I should do if they are refunding the difference in the price of the 1TB tivo box!! It would make things more consistent.

manu76 said...

Cheers VM. Much appreciated.

Carryonvending said...
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I.welch said...

I had the 500gb box installed, I sent Neil berkett and email asking for the installation refund and within an hour his secretary rang me and confirmed the £40 had already been credited to my account. Now there's customer service for u!! Well done VM.

gingamonkey said...

Same here - 500Gb box.
Emailed at 9pm last night, had a phonecall from his office at 8.45am this morning to confirm that they have issued a refund and reduced the monthly charge from £8 to £3.

Astonishing customer service - Very impressed. Well done VM! :)

Marky said...

Will I need to email them to get this refund as you guys have done? Or shall I wait and see what happens?

manu76 said...

I called VM yesterday, and got a £50 credit off my next bill....cheers.

Carryonvending said...

I hope this helps.....A mail earlier.


Thanks for being one of the first to get Virgin Media TV powered by TiVo. We hope you're enjoying next generation TV as much as we are.

We know you bought our 1TB TiVo® box for £149.95. Since then, we've dropped the price to a brilliant £99.95 to celebrate the launch of our new ad campaign.

We always want to make sure you're getting the best deal there is. That's why we're giving you a £50 refund on your Virgin Media account, so you'll be paying our new and improved price. Your refund will appear on your bill in the next two months, and you'll spot it as a £50 credit.

If you've already given our team a call your £50 refund will be with you in the next two months. We hope you enjoy your brand new TiVo® service!

Kind regards

The Virgin Media team

cowlesma said...

Same hear got £40 refund for my TiVo 500
Great service after one email

patrick192447 said...

Rather than refund me £50 back i would rather they would get content for the tivo box such as more hd content; a web browser; 3d channel; its only my opinion.

Buzby said...

Anyone got their Refund? I now have had TWO bills, NONE of them providing the promised rebate. I may have to complain after all.