July 21, 2011

A few in the HD pipeline

Some returning favourites and a few new shows, coming soon (and a few coming a little later)
  • An Idiot Abroad 2 - September on Sky1 HD
  • A Town Called Eureka s4 - Tue, August 9 on Syfy HD
  • Beaver Falls s1 - Wed, July 27 at 10pm on E4 HD
  • Burn Notice s4 - Sunday, August 24 on FX HD
  • Terra Nova s1 - Autumn on Sky1HD
  • The Cape s1 - Thu, July 21 at 8pm on Syfy HD
  • The Killing s2 - Autumn on BBC Four (the original - probably just SD)
  • True Blood s4 - January 2012 on FX HD
  • Warehouse 13 s3 - Thu, August 4 at 9pm on Syfy HD


Anthony said...

I'm really looking forward to 'The Killing' season 2 - season 1 was probably one of the best crime/drama series i've ever seen - great TV!

campbellg said...

Nothing there of any real interest to me, alas.

If you were to say Game of Thrones season 2 (or even repeats of season 1) on Virgin Media, I'd be excited.

Anyone know if FX will be showing Walking Dead season 2 this autumn??

Anthony said...

Rumoured to be October ...

Nialli said...

It is already be advertised on FX as "coming soon"

Moroboshi said...

The Killing is one I'll certainly be watching. The first series was absolutely outstanding.

We need more euro drama, it really beats the US stuff (aside from Mad Men of course) with total ease.

Anonymous said...

The Cape as been axed in the states,So i wouldnt bother !!!!!

BikeNutt said...

True Blood is a sonic tour de force and should serve as a lesson to all other production companies in just how good broadcast TV shows can sound.

The use of sound in this show really immerses you in their crazy little world.