July 02, 2011

Virgin cuts TiVo prices

I missed this completely, but Jason on his fab Virgin Media TiVo blog posted yesterday:

Virgin Media slash installation fee and standardise service fee for TiVo; 1TB version now £99; 500Gb version now £49.95

Previously, customers on the M+ and L TV packs would pay an additional £8 per month for TiVo. From now, they only pay £3 per month - the same as XL customers. So, regardless of what TV pack a customer chooses, you pay £3 additional per month for TiVo.
Also, the £40 installation fee has been dropped. That means that new and existing customers can get a 500Gb TiVo for just £49.95, with free installation.
Meanwhile, the 1TB version of the next-generation PVR has been reduced. It was £150 for existing customers and £199 for new customers. Now, its just £99 for both existing and new customers. The requirement to have the TV XL pack in order to have the 1TB version of TiVo has also been removed - so 1TB of recording capacity is now also available to customers on M+ and L packs, as well as XL.


streaky_7 said...

Well that's annoying after so many people affiliated with VM said the price won't drop and there will be no deals as it's a product that no one else has so we have to pay a premium for it.

I knew it would drop one day but so soon i feel is a slap in the face to us loyal VM early adopting customers.

Nialli said...

The number to call is 150 if you want to let them know and ask for some money back.

streaky_7 said...

Do you think that would really work?

streaky_7 said...

Ok so I am a little annoyed and I believe justifiably so (not sure if you were having a dig?). As did the lady I spoke to at VM and although she had no information about the price drop (her and her manager had to look on the website - no surprise) and she said they are entitled to drop the price whenever they want she did appreciate my argument.

we talked and i pointed out how much i spend and Tivo isnt perfect yet and we agreed to split the difference. So she has credited my account with £25.

I think in a day or 2 you may be able to argue for the full £50. But I'll take the £25 now and be done with it.

Nialli said...


Anonymous said...

Not surprised if you look at some of the reviews,The bad point was the price.Clearly they have relised this and acted swifty,I can understand some people being annoyed after paying the full price.What they need to do is drop the £3 charge and dare i say it again obtain new content to back it

Anonymous said...

Do you still get to keep your v+ box?

I only had my TiVo installed last weekend... Didn't want the v+ but something for nothing!!! (had to run my own cable through loft though.....).

streaky_7 said...

I kept my v+ box yeah. If I had paid either 149 or 199 last weekend and found out this week it was 50 or even 100 less I would call and insist on the difference credited. You get 28 days to return so just explain if they don't credit you the difference you will just cancel TiVo and then reorder again at new price. For me it would be worth the hassle for 50 or 100quid. I appreciate some out there may not give a damn. They will not want to lose business if they can help it.

sibod said...

How infuriating!!!

VM advertised the £149 as a 'Special Price' exclusively for existing customers that bothered to register an interest, then the second it goes out to the general public, it's £99.

I shall be calling them later to explain my dissatisfaction in no uncertain terms!

Clearly this is a reaction to Sky cutting the 1tb Sky+ to £149 then!

streaky_7 said...

@howardmicks - I agree. I think it's taking the -beep-. If I was paying the £3 I would be asking for that to be dropped too. But, in one of the few decent things VM have done, as a VIP50 customer, the £3 was waived.

@sibod - I would definitely complain. I think everyone should. I think if you shout loud enough you could get the full £50 difference back. I settled for £25 as that was all she could offer at that stage due to them not having any official info fed down to them yet and I dont want to have to call back again which was one of her suggestions. Takes the sting out of it all a little which I'll settle for.

sibod said...

@ streaky_7
Well Virgin wont budge with me. Looks like the floodgates opened and they have dictated to staff not to budge on discounts etc.
I pointed out that when they offered the Tivo at £149 it was billed as an 'exclusive offer' and 'Everyone else pays £199'. Yet it never actually sold at £199 - as as soon as they launched it to the public, it was £99.

The CSR just repeated that I 'Saved' £90 and that virgin change their offer all the time and it might be £199 next month, or free the next and that it s essentially my problem as all I want is the £50 back and he cant offer me that.

I will write a letter of complaint to the head office as this is very frustrating.

I think we should flood Virgin with complaints and see if they capitulate streaky_7 - did you get anyt references? THe VM rep denied anyone would get any sort of refund at all...

streaky_7 said...

I didn't get any reference I'm afraid - the lady I spoke to agreed with me that it wasn't on but initially said they know nothing about and I would have to call back. She then spoke to her Manager and checked the website.

And I then highlighted there have been issues with tivo which wont be sorted until the unofficial planned September update and I'm a VIP50 customer paying over £100 a month and I will take my business to Sky if she doesn't sort something.

She again agreed with me and understood my frustrations and said she can't offer a £50 credit right now and I would have to call back to try and get that once they had more information OR she will meet me half way now if I want to just sort it in one call. So I agreed to meet her half way.

I think Neil Burkett needs his inbox full of complaints - I am sure he will listen as he has done before and hopefully he will come up with some sort of resolution.

paulselby1 said...

Just called their sales team- tivo is still not available on 'M' TV .

Halifaxlad said...

Just had a call back from the CEO's office, they are crediting me the £50 difference on my account, so looks like it has paid off for me complaining about the price drop

Anthony said...

Can anyone confirm I have the right e-mail address for Niel Berkett - is it: neil.berkett@virginmedia.co.uk

Thanks in advance!

sibod said...

Halifaxlad: Who did you speak to and what did you say?
I want to ensure they have no wriggle room when I try again!

sibod said...

Just sent an email to:


Lets see what happens!

sibod said...

Neil Berkett emailed me straight back this morning promising to refund the difference!

He also apologised and said it was 'a competetive reaction' or whatever that's supposed to mean.

So, folks, it pays to complain!

streaky_7 said...

well despite me calling Saturday and complaining and managing to get £25 off the lady who had no idea what was going on (not her fault - lack of communication), I emailed the CEO last night to complain and see where it got me.

I have just got a call from one of Neil's team who explained they never intended this price drop to happen so quickly but they have had to react to Sky dropping the price of their equipment particularly the 1TB box. He apologised and stressed it has been a reactionary business decision, it was not the plan all along and he agreed to credit the other £25. So my bill next month will be £50 cheaper!!

All a bit of a balls up but I do appreciate things change and they have to move with the changes so as long as they credit everyone back whatever they are owed then fair enough.

But it may be a case of emailing the CEO or calling retentions to make sure the credit happens!

Anthony said...

Sent an e-mail at 09:10 this monring and had a reply from Niel and a call from one of his colleagues within 15 mins!

Apparently they will be reaching out to all early adopters, regardless of whether they complain or not.

sibod said...

And I also got a call from the very freindly Kirsty in the CEO office! Very nice indeed. Pretty much the same explanation as others got.

Looks Like Mr Berkett got a very full inbox yesterday and has ordered a bit of a rethink on their response!

Anyway, I slipped in a question about Atlantic HD - "We're working on it!" was his reply.

So watch this space.....

Coops said...

sent an email this morning to Neil, had a colleague ring me back saying that I have been credited £75.00 to my account,

I would suggest emailing him, they are more than aware of the problem this has caused, they offered £ 50.00 to start with and then hangled for the extra.

streaky_7 said...

@Coops - how greedy. So very very greedy. I wish I had thought of that!!!!!! Haha. Good to see someone getting a little extra back for a change

steveg091972 said...

Had an interesting chat with a VM direct sales advisor today. They are now offering TIVO for Free to new customers who appear to be hesitating to sign up. This was also confirmed by the manager of the local VM shop manager, it was also confirmed by a customer service advisor! But customer relations had no knowledge of the offer. Consequently i have cancelled my TIVO installation until they know what they are doing. I also have a photo of the TIVO being advertised for free on the local VM stand in our local shopping centre.