July 02, 2011

Virgin Media HD channels, what came when

There have been a number of comments posted on this blog of late criticising Virgin for not adding HD channels for some time. It may feel like there hasn't been much additional HD content for some time, the actual arrival of HD on Virgin is (according to Wikipedia, and subject to local roll out):
  • BBC HD Feb-07
  • Channel 4 HD Jul-09
  • FX HD Jul-09
  • Nat Geo HD Jul-09
  • MTVN HD Jul-09
  • ESPN HD Aug-09
  • Sky Living HD Oct-09
  • ITV1 HD Apr-10
  • E4 HD Apr-10
  • Syfy HD Apr-10
  • Discovery HD Apr-10
  • Eurosport HD Apr-10
  • Five HD Jul-10
  • Film 4 HD Jul-10
  • Ten Sky Movies HD Aug-10
  • Two Sky Sports HD Aug-10
  • Comedy Central HD Sep-10
  • Sky1 HD Oct-10
  • BBC One HD Nov-10
  • Sky Arts 1 HD Apr-11
  • Sky Arts 2 HD Apr-11
So far from the "no new HD in over a year" someone posted we've actually had 19 additional HD channels added in the last twelve months. And how many did Sky add? According to my maths on a crumpled up serviette they added 15. I know Sky had more to begin with and Virgin exclusives have been limited to just Film4 and the original Living, but we have come a long way in a relative short space of time so let's keep this in perspective.
And now that I've been nice, can I please have Sky Atlantic HD?


amh15 said...

I make that 9 in the last 12 months and 19 in 24 months.

Nialli said...

Ten Sky Movies channels and two Sky Sports.

Payton said...

The Sky Channels are all premium channels and require another £7 a month, so I would call it 9 available channels.

Nialli said...

...and you need to pay for the HD package with Sky to get more than a couple. By that yardstick it's Virgin 18 Sky 5.

Moroboshi said...

All of this is kind of meaningless without Sky Atlantic though.

It's the elephant in the room and something Virgin need to make their no.1 priority. Fiddling around with ultra-niche gimmicks like 3D is not going to generate any sales.

howardmicks said...

"no new HD in over a year"
I stand corrected,Sorry vm.It just feels like it lol

mercelous said...

Anyone else noticed on Virgin Media's website on the tv package section when the automatic screen changes it shows sky 2 HD and sky 3 HD! What is that about.

Carter said...

Does Anybody know if/when the remaining Sky Sports channels will be moving to HD?

howardmicks said...

@carter,Very doubtfull.More so when murdoch takes full control of sky,Then i think we can kiss all new sky and ones we haven`t already got goodbye