July 18, 2011

Virgin TiVo iPhone App

Virgin has launched its TiVo App for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch. It's free so I won't grumble, but the Radio Times App is more polished in its EPG. Like the Android App you can use it to set recordings remotely.


Richard said...

agree - its not the best listings app. its main 2 USPs are
1. you can set the remote record easily.
2. you can set the channels for the listing by your package (though it does miss a the premium channels)

Can't wait for the ipad app to come along ;-)

Keith Marsh said...

One BIG fail... it doesn't have listings for any of the movie channels, rendering the app useless in my mind!

Anonymous said...

I can't see it on the app store.

Can someone grab a link?

Anonymous said...

Nvm. It's called Virgin TV Guide!!