March 10, 2010

3D TV sets hit the high street

Samsung, Panasonic and Sony are all eager for the early adopter's cash, according to this report on MediaGuardian. Can't get excited about it myself - I've seen the Sky 3D demo and endured Avatar in 3D and remain unconvinced. £2000 for a 40in TV? Crazy.
UPDATE: here's a short video item on the Samsung from What Hi-Fi


Square eyes said...

Must agree, 3D TV is not really rocking my boat. Plus when you have just spent a couple of grand on a new TV, why on earth would you want to spend even more - crazy.

Must admit did like Avatar in 3D, but not really wanting it at home

Erich said...

The 3D pitch is obviously not aimed at making people who just bought a set rush out and get a new one, but they're hoping there will be enough demand for this new dimension in TV that people who are looking for a new set will be prepared to pay a small premium for the additional 3D feature.

I personally wouldn't touch the first generation of sets, but I'm far more excited about 3D than I am about HD.

tom said...

When they can do 3D TV without the need to use glasses I might be interested.

I just couldn't imagine putting on a pair of glasses every time I wanted to watch a TV program or film, it would have to be pretty amazing. And after seeing Avatar in 3D I'm not convinced it is.

Erich said...

You don't wear the glasses for everything, just when something is broadcast in 3D.

tom said...

It says it has a feature to make current 2D into 3D?

Either way I would find it to obtrusive for a minimal visual gain.

Erich said...

Yes, the 2D-3D processing is a stupid gimmick, but it's optional. It's kind of like how some sets have "virtual surround sound".