March 21, 2010

OFCOM decision on pay TV this week?

For a public body, OFCOM is pretty secretive about when it will publish its final report on Pay TV. Long-term visitors to this blog will know that this report is the one that could signal the arrival of Sky's movie and sports channels on Virgin Media (and other, non-Sky platforms such as BT Vision). Here's what the last draft of the report said:
9.19    Our competition concern relates to the supply of all Sky’s Core Premium Sports and Movie channels and we therefore propose that a wholesale must-offer should apply to: Sky Sports 1, Sky Sports HD, Sky Sports 2, and Sky Sports 2 HD. All of Sky’s premium movie channels apart from Sky Movies Classics.These are Sky Movies Action & Thriller, Sky Movies Action & Thriller HD, Sky Movies Comedy, Sky Movies Comedy HD, Sky Movies Drama, Sky Movies Drama HD, Sky Movies Family, Sky Movies Family HD, Sky Movies Premiere, Sky Movies Premiere HD, Sky Movies Premiere+1, Sky Movies SciFi & Horror, Sky Movies SciFi & Horror, Sky Movies Screen 1, Sky Movies Screen 1 HD, Sky Movies Screen 2, Sky Movies Screen 2 HD, Sky Movies Modern Greats, Sky Movies Modern Greats HD, Sky Movies Indie and Disney Cinemagic and the HD versions of these channels
Now that would be something, albeit most likely at a monthly premium.
The final report is due this month and, as we're now in the last week of March, could arrive any day now. 

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bradmcr said...

with the government Digital Economy Bill being pushed through parliament they should put in place the ability for HD and SD channels to be available to all platforms. By that I mean no more exclusives to any provider. The reason so many people download TV shows is that they cannot view them on television with their pay TV provider and we all want to watch our TV shows in the best quality available.