March 30, 2010

US Masters on BBC HD, starting April 8th

Another BBC HD sports exclusive:
BBC Sport will have exclusive, live television coverage of Tiger Woods's return to golf at The Masters, in Augusta, Georgia – starting on 8 April. The Masters will be Woods's first competitive tournament since his self-imposed break from the game towards the end of last year ... viewers will be able to enjoy all of the coverage in High Definition through BBC HD.


lee said...

Grand National - well done.

Golf - well done.

Neither for me, BUT, great for the fans.

So Golf....and Horses....

But no F1?????

Jon said...

From what I understand, I believe that it is Mr Bernie Ecclestone who stands in the way of our enjoyment of F1 coverage in HD goodness. The BBC are not to blame.

Anonymous said...

Wot Jon said. HD coverage is not available to the BBC, same as all the other broadcasters who are involved.

lee said...

Oh yes, I agree with the notion. But BBC say Bernie won't give it, Bernie says they are not supporting F1 to get the platform running... so you're right - my frustration is at the situation rather than the BBC per se hehe (my frustration borne of the fact that somehow the Golf version of FIA seem to think that Golf would benefit from HD cameras, but Bernie doesnt for fast cars!)

BikeNutt said...

The beautiful Augusta course in HD - but wasn't it in HD last year too?

It's The Open that was SD last year - which upset the American broadcasters as I recall.