March 25, 2010

TiVo Premier reviews

We don't yet know how much of TiVo's new Flash-based user interface will make it to the Virgin Media version launching later this year, but here are two interesting reviews from the US press on the TiVo Premier XL.
Endgadget (thanks, Hew) and Wired.

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Erich said...

Brilliant. It looks as slow and laggy as your average VM box, and much of the interface hasn't been updated at all, despite having been in development for nearly 2 years. Looks like VM have found a partner who's exactly on their own wavelength. :)

That said, this almost certainly won't be the system VM users will get anyway. VM's recent statements on the subject didn't even sound like we'll get anything other than a minor UI overhaul this year, and it seems obvious that most of the pie-in-the-sky features are a long way off.