March 23, 2010

NGTV areas this week

Media Boy EXCLUSIVE: Joining NGTV this week.
(Thanks to Media Boy for the information in a comment to a previous post):
The following area will join NGTV (and be ready for additional HD channels on April 1) this week -
March 23rd:
Manchester (Stretford, Withington, Rochdale, Oldham.)
March 24th:
March 25th:
Manchester (Birkenhead, Bromborough, Salford, Wardley.)
By my count that leaves a couple of dozen still to go. At this rate they should be done by mid-May, but I'm assuming there that each area involves the same amount of work. Upgrades are mid-week (Tues-Thurs) but there may be a slowdown either side of Easter. Dunno. There's now a dedicated Cable Forum Thread on the NGTV upgrade.
Incidentally, there's a placeholder for ITV1 HD for all area in England and Wales now on channel 113.


mattbuk said...

Awesome, Rochdale is done...that's me happy.

mattbuk said...

I have just read through some of the posts on the cable forum and noticed a few posts about pirate boxes. Will the switching to NGTV stop pirate boxes working?

Before anyone asked I have not got a pirate box, I know a few people with them. (People who have spent a fortune on a tv but don't have any HD, VOD, Catchup, Upscaler or any V+ features).

Nick@Hill said...

This Close To getting a Samsung V+

After the old SA stopped showing a picture Virgin sent a man out and brought with him a new Samsung V+.

Howeever he couldn't get it to register. Finding that the HDMI Lead was the actual problem he reinstalled our SA promising to return tonight to replace it with a new Samsung as they are quicker faster and better overall.

Well no sign of him so guess he wasnt gonna waste a shiny Samsung on us.

Nialli said...

The roll out of NGTV is part of the rollout of the new, pirate-box-knackering N3 encryption. I'm not sure if it alone is sufficient or if it only really kicks in when the new smart cards are required.
About time to - can't believe it has taken Virgin so long to stop the theft of their product.
I've been to a few of the forums that encourage cable piracy just to see the panic that's resulting as the regions get encrypted - serves them right.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Does anyone know when preston will be upgraded.Will be well gutted if miss launch day

Media Boy said...

I think Virgin will not start working on your Headend until after they have remove your local Radio channel.

Virgin will remove your local Radio on April 6th.

Anonymous said...

Thanx for that mb,Bad news for us then.Means were at least 2 weeks off upgrade,Gutted

Media Boy said...

For posters in the Croydon area:

You area has NOT gone NGTV today - sorry.

Nialli said...

fyi, I have added a link to Media Boy's Virgin TV blog on this site.

Media Boy said...

Virgin Media hope to have all areas on NGTV by July.

With the final three areas being done sometime in June,