March 30, 2010

This year's Grand National to be broadcast in HD

According to the BBC
Next month's Aintree Grand National meeting will be the first-ever horse racing event to be screened in High Definition by the BBC.
The three-day coverage includes the Grand National on Saturday 10 April.


Dan said...

Off-topic, sorry, but just wondered if you had any idea how I could a problem with my V+ box. Basically, I recorded something that didn't record properly, so it cuts off a few minutes into what's meant to be an hourlong recording. Anyway, I want to delete this recording, which I can do, but it always returns the next day when I check my "recorded shows" area. It's not taking up any HDD space, really, but is there a way you can force the V+ box to erase/format everything completely?

Dennis said...

BBC, HD, and sport all in the same sentence, blimey, what's going on?

At least we're heading in the right direction. Well, I hope my horse does!

Stephen said...


I had that problem the other day, it was an incomplete recording that kept coming back when I tried to delete it.

I reset the box after trying to delete it and that solves the problem, so try that if you havent done so already.

If this doesn't work then the box can be formatted which will delete everything. The only problem is that there appears to be no option on the menus to do it, so you have to phone them up and tell them the problem and they should be able to format it from there end.

I used to have problems with my box and one of there attempts to fix it involved doing this, I have a new one now though as none of there attempts to fix it worked. It was a different problem though so formatting it should fix it for you.

Chris said...

@Dennis - that's a bit unfair! BBC Sport have brought us plenty of HD material - Beijing Olympics, 2008 Euros, Winter Olympics, Wimbledon, Golf, domestic football and, of course, the World Cup later this year. The main post-production area at TV Centre isn't rigged for HD and won't be, given that Sport are moving to Salford in a year or two and TVC is being sold off.

Nialli said...

@Dan: have a look at this post if you decide to format your V+ disc: but you will lose all your recordings. I used to format my V+ disc once every six months or so, but I haven't needed to do it for ages - probably a couple of years.

Nialli said...

@Dennis - you cynic you...see my latest post.

Dan said...

Thanks Niall and Stephen: I will give that a try sometime! :)