March 14, 2010

Sci Fi HD launching on Virgin Media, April 1st

According to a post over on Cable Forum Sci Fi HD is launching on Virgin on April 1st, along with E4 HD (channel 145), Discovery HD (214) and Eurosport HD (522). ITV1 HD arrives the next day on channel 113. (Or will it be "Syfy HD" by then?)

When this happens I think we should toast Mr Berkett and co - this time last year we were still moaning about just the single HD channel on cable. How things have changed.


lee said...

Oh YES!!! I neeeeed sci-fi in HD! :D

Dazza124 said...

April Fools Day perhaps ?????

bradmcr said...

fingers crossed this will happen as this is the one i have been waiting for ... looks like going onto XL plus was a good idea after all :-D

Dav1967 said...

I think sticking with VM has paid off, apart from Sky sports and maybe Sky 1 channel we have the overall better package, especially if we get this new Tivo box/platform near the end of the year.

Nialli said...

@Dazza124 I thought so too, but MB's posting is so specific about this addition and the other number changes I take it as from a reliable source. I've now heard it confirmed too - but, as always, wait for the official announcement from VM before taking things as gospel

Dazza124 said...

VM offically announced April 2nd for ITV HD.
As HD is at the forefront of their minds at the moment wouldn't this also be shouted from the rooftops.
Don't get me wrong I'd love to be proven wrong and pleasantly surprised.As a long standing visitor to this blog I am 100% in favour of more HD channels/programming however it may be delivered by VM.

Big Red said...

Its offical Syfy HD this spring

Afront said...
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Afront said...

The press release. Good to see some UK premieres on here, especially V.

Pete said...

whoop whoop whoop! Thanks again to this fantastic blog for keeping me updated. Patience with virgin seems to be finally paying off. Take take mr Murdoch!

Media Boy said...

As posted by me yesterday Sci Fi HD (Syfy HD from April 13th) will launch on Virgin Channel 165 on April 1st.

With Diva TV +1 been drop from Virgin Media from that date.

Big Red said...

@ Media Boy
Since we both seem to have sources within VM whats your sources thinking of the next HD line up/press release.

Would be intresting if were hearing the same kind of thing.

Media Boy said...

I have been told the same info as you.

Talks are ''ongoing'' for

Nat Geo Wild HD
Sky1 HD
Good Food HD.

Media Boy said...

@ Big Red

I have been told that Virgin Media are in talks with NBC for Hallmark HD that will launch in June.

Big Red said...

@ Media Boy

I have being told that Sky1 HD is really close and that we should except something before the 1st April - unless the deal falls flat on its face.

Along with NG Wild, History HD and CI HD

And that Sky Sports HD will become an added option for VM customers by the summer for start of the new prem season.
Understanding that Sky now have 4/5Prem league packages. Sky require an increase revenue due to the extra package they bought.

One option is for them to increase the Sky Sports package to Sky customers or strike a deal with VM to offer HD services at a premium.

Sky cannot offered to increase thier package otherwise they will loose customers to VM hence that a deal maybe in making.

VM are hoping that Ofcom issue Sky to reduce wholesale prices but Sky are going to contest this which could take another year before we see any benefit.

So a deal between Sky and VM could be more likley.

Nialli said...

If Sky contest an OFCOM Pay TV ruling it will not get lost in the courts for months on end - OFCOM said as much earlier this year. Nor will a possible Tory government overturn any OFCOM recommendations (again, reported earlier this year).

Media Boy said...

@Big Red

When not join CF and you can tell more Virgin viewers on the ''Coming soon to Virgin TV 2010'' thread.

Big Red said...

@ Media Boy

Good Idea.

Maybe new news or old news to you.

It seems VM have decided to not sell VM TV channels for the forcible future.

They will now revert back to the original plan for the channels - new content and also the release of HD channels for V1, Bravo & Challenge.

Understanding that Good Food could also become a HD channel its understood that both VM and BBC Worldwide knew about the Ofcom Five HD dission which could result in either BBC2 HD or G.O.L.D/Dave getting the HD nod.