March 11, 2010

Twelve things to expect from Virgin Media Tivo

Interesting article on regarding what is anticipated with the arrival of the Tivo-enhanced Virgin Media Next Generation technology. I recommend you read the full article for more insight; here are the 12 headliners they foresee

1. Recommendation and automatic record engine 
2. 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon  
3. Context specific recommendations 
4. Collections
5. Three tuners
6. HD for all  
7. Enhanced search 
8. Curation 
9. Internet content 
10. More graphics, less text
11. Networked multi-room 
12. Mobile content 
Much of this is highly speculative, but the TechRadar team are well -informed and if we only get to see half of those features we'll still be excited little bunnies, one and all.     


bradmcr said...

Have just got the Samsung HD box today and it is so much better than my old V+ so fast in every way ... I wonder will we get a Tivo box or just upgrade the software. Virginmedia look as if they are finally taking HD and tv in general seriously.

lee said...

Agree, agree and agree, brad!

The menu's change almost instantly, SUCH a relief after the older box!

kgollop said...

If the ability to watch recordings on a 2nd box becomes reality it would be an extremley good adition.

Martin said...

Got my new Samsung yesterday after an 88:88 freeze on the SA. New one is faster, but blurier on SD upscale than SA.

I suffered the poor fuzzy 1080i menu's before, now they're clearer than the old 720 ones!


At first the channels changed TOO fast and the new channel freeze framed for a fraction of a second before resuming viewing, but that seems to have stopped now.

Managed to get it working fine with the Harmony remote as the handset codes don't change (they don't leave you a new remote).

Lastly, it's quieter than the SA... slightly.