March 16, 2010

Films on 4HD this weekend [updated]

Last week's line up was somewhat low brow, but this week's promises something for most. A Leo DiCaprio double bill on Saturday evening: 7pm Titanic, 10.35pm The Departed. Sunday evening at 10.05 has the excellent Road To Perdition (Tom Hanks, Paul Newman and Jude Law).
I watched 4HD's Saving Private Ryan at the weekend. Stunning picture quality. A shame that it took up almost 16 hours of my V+. Anyone planning to record Titanic will need a similar amount spare, maybe even a little more. Come on Virgin, offer us some larger disc capacity if you're serious about HD and don't want folk trying some DIY upgrades on their boxes.

Update: and the following weekend has Walk The Line and Rendition on the Saturday and 28 Weeks Later on the Sunday.


Cavalier said...

I V+'d it too - and I agree - briliant quality, but nearly a quarter of the disk space is ridiculous. I cant keep things for more than a few days before I get to critical levels again.

Having just upgraded to V+, I am now eyeing jealously the 1TB Sky HD boxes. Still, just 11 months of the contract left now... Virgin - over to you.

Square eyes said...

Agree in principle about the size of the drive, however like everything else - Sky want £250 for the box - surprise, surprise, surprise

It will be interesting what happens with the VM/Tivo box, because isn't that going to have a 1TB drive?