October 09, 2011

BBC Consultation - a few more details

If, like me, you want to be give some feedback to the BBC Trust on the cuts recommendations made this week, you can do it online at this site, where you will also find the full recommendations: BBC Trust Consultation
For those just interested in how the proposals will affect HD services, here are the headlines:
  • Launch full BBC One High Definition (HD) channels for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland which would replicate the existing Standard Definition (SD) channel in that nation
  • In England no region specific services would be carried on BBC One HD. Ways to minimise disruption to viewers when switching between HD and SD to access programmes made for their particular area would be investigated
  • BBC Two and BBC Four would share more arts and music programmes through complementary scheduling and repeating. A small number of arts and music programmes would transfer from BBC Two to BBC Four
  • Launch a single version, with no variations in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, of BBC Two in HD in 2012 to replace the current BBC HD channel. Nations variations would continue in SD
BBC Three
  • A specific remit to act as a place to nurture and develop talent and programme content for BBC One
  • Share more programmes with BBC One, to provide additional chances to watch programmes which appeal to younger audiences 
BBC Four
  • BBC Four would play a more complementary role to BBC Two
  • BBC Four would continue to show the best of foreign language drama and film from across the world
Odd, but there's nothing I can see so far about BBC News bulletins or the channel itself moving to high definition, which is disappointing. Similarly, as children's programming is shifted to just CBeebies and CBBC there will be no more HD broadcasts of those shows either.
Also, nothing I've found yet about the future of 3D on the BBC, but I'm still reading the full report so I will let you know if I find any more.


Afront said...

You mention children's programming shifting to CBeebies/CBBC. One of my guilty pleasures is The Sarah Jane Adventures. Is the current series aired in HD any time? I can't seem to find it.

RodHull said...

Just get rid of BBC Three. Please.