October 31, 2011

Spotify - online, on your mobile and on TiVo

Details from Virgin Media's web site:
  • Get Spotify Premium free for six months with Virgin Media 30Mb broadband and above.
  • Get Spotify Premium free for three months with Virgin Mobile.
  • And you will soon be able to enjoy Spotify on your TV too, exclusively with Virgin Media: TiVo® Service. If you’re on Spotify Premium, press Home on your TiVo remote, go to Apps and Games and you’ll (soon) find Spotify. All your playlists and favourites will be there, and you can browse for and star music as normal. 



ash said...

they would start offering this 10 days after i get mine fitted lol

Richard said...

interesting for two reasons...
1. VM are looking like they want to get more share of wallet from their customers and this is a good way to get a share (wonder what deal they did with spotify in terms of a % cut of the monthly subs)
2. more evidence of being a platform to deliver content rather than a producer of content.

Next I wonder if they will do a deal with some online game services

Richard Young said...

Really excited about this service. Already have and use Spotify Premium so the chance to play files directly through the Onkio AV amp/Kef speakers should improve sound and save six months rental.

Interesting to see how easy it is to manage music with the remote... need a keyboard?